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Research methods and what is the most commonly used search engines

Search is a quest to find something, and (research methods) are the means used in the search for that thing. The term research methods to pursue all means that lead to the rights of the results they want access, but they need to come back for many of the references, and do go to special places in the search, and they take a long time to work on them. Affected by the research methods of contemporary technological development, and formed an important addition to the means of modern research, which relies on the Internet; This led to the availability of many research methods developed, and that contributed to the creation of a new beginning for the information and data easily. Search engines resulted in the existence of the research methods of modern to the emergence of applications and websites specializing in the search for all content that is already downloadable on the Internet, and sought companies interested in the development of software to design special programs to narrow your search on the Internet in order to reach the desired results quickly, and was named these programs (search engines). Search engines name was derived from the words: engines; any speed in the movement, search, meaning the search speed. There is a very large percentage of Internet users rely mainly on one of the search engines for access to websites that they want, and to find out any information they are seeking. Types of search engines is different preference for Internet users between the different search engines; and due to how to treat them with, and the features provided to them in the search; therefore restricted to use mostly on a single search engine, which they find as the best, and easiest, and fastest; so keen designed for companies to search engines provided with all the additions that contribute to make them easy to use, and distinctive at the same time, and companies that work on the design of the search engines (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo), and many others. Types of famous search engines, and is prevalent among Internet users: Google: Google search (Google) engine, designed by Google Inc., is one of the scattered engines dramatically among users, and has topped the list of search engines; for ease and simplicity to use, We find that most web surfers are automatically have Google browser link in the search engine, in order to access the information they want. Yahoo: Yahoo search engine (Yahoo), was designed by Yahoo Inc., is the second most search engines used on the Internet after engine Google, Yahoo and sought to continuity in its development, and provide all the ways that help make it a competitor inevitable Square search engines, but outdo engine Google has been unable to now, with the Yahoo e-mail with a link to the search engine increases the proportion of users significantly. Bing: Search Bing engine (Bing), which was designed by Microsoft to compete with engines Google and Yahoo; so Microsoft is keen to be included in the new versions of the Windows operating system; and so spread further among the people over, as a new and helping to browse the Internet. From previous information infer that the search engine (Google), is the most commonly used among the well-known search engines when Internet users.Turn most of us or all of us to the Google search engine; to search for any piece of information we want to get, whether it comes to students or teachers or employees, shall be deemed to Google’s first research in the Arab world engine, but some of us may face problems in how to obtain this information, and when we do not find we say that there is no information on this subject on the Internet, but rather is that the way we discussed was wrong; therefore we will address with the following highlights ways and tricks that can be used to search in Google, and include the following: Name Web History: this includes a list of all They visited sites in a particular time sequence, so that the person of reference in the event of loss for one reason or another. Simply start: Regardless of the topic you are searching for, is the simplicity of the main slogan for dealing with this search engine, it is sufficient to enter a keyword related to the subject of the fall list of all topics related to them. For example, when searching for a specific product in a specific location are advised to enter a name with city ​​or postal symbol name. Ignore spell check: contains the engine automatically scrutiny misspelling words that are entered, regardless of how they entered. The use of words compatible with the Web: are entering the most appropriate words and closely with the existing Web pages inside the engine; Words that are more likely to be displayed that gives greater Ntaija. For example, when searching for something related pain of the head to enter your headache is preferred because it is the most common in medical sites and pages. Least better: The search for the subject of a short and comprehensive words, much better in terms of results that can be obtained from the long phrases. Search using specific words: What is meant here is the status of my reference citation when searching for specific words. For example, if put words Alexander Bell Thus, “Alexander Bell” will not lead to the emergence of any pages containing Alexander Graham Bell. Use descriptive words: Here, whenever the words used in the search is even rarer, the better the results that can be obtained better in terms of relevant want to get related to its information, for example, will be the results as research resulting from inter celebrity ring tones much better than the celebrity voices . Not to worry about the characters: The search for Palestine time will not give different search results for Palestine times.

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