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How to create Hachtaq

With the great development of the means of social communication, and the subsequent large size of the flow of information, as well as the increasing number of persons employed for these methods, it has become difficult for the user to access the information they want easily, and also became the face the problem of how to deliver the information published by the largest number possible friends or followers, so I created the world of social networking are many services that will facilitate the delivery of information, in a simplified and easy. Alhasteq: it is a word or a term or phrase unprecedented reference (#), for suggesting that this publication is talking about something specific or particular incident, and when you click on the word you open a page that contains all the information or general publications related to this word. Modus operandi Alhasteq you select a topic or problem that you want to talk about it. Choose an appropriate title and indicative of the subject. Check (#) before the address taking care not to distance between the word and symbol For example: # prisoners. When writing the title of more than one word separates the signal words (_), for example: # Akadds_lna. Alhasteq useful way to deliver your large number of people the publication, if the publications to the public, is important to the owners and Alhasteq campaigns where they can have access to the largest possible number of the target group. Alhasteq is simple archiving information system. Alhasteq facilitates the search process and access to private information in a particular subject, the mere click on the address you want to turn the page gathering all the information about this title. Alhasteq working on the collection of people who have an affinity and similarity in the goals and ambition in one place. General tips for avoiding the use of Hachtaq Alhasteq needlessly and pointlessly. Better to use one word or two with the most or three words per Alhasteq. Alhasteq preferred to use a few letters, especially in Twitter; because the number of characters Alhasteq Tweet reduces the number of characters. If you are writing Hachtaq in English, and it was Alhasteq consists of more than one word, you should start every word with a capital letter. Try to choose Hachtaq Garmestkhaddm dramatically, and it must be Alhasteq expressing the heart of the matter. Avoid using more than Hachtaq per prism; because of this work to alienate people from your post. Put Alhasteq in the first prism and clearly, so that the reader up to him with ease. Try to choose peak times to use social media to work for your Hachtaq, even Alhasteq up to the largest group of observers, as well as to achieve a greater proportion of interaction.Twitter is one of the most famous social networking sites in the Arab nation and the world, services are provided by the unique location of the unique and distinctive and attractive to a large class of people of all ages. Services Twitter been straining wide acclaim in recent times for its site of many ways continues to easy and Services, the following recall some of these services: Messages: You can communicate with the location of all the people in an easy way. Create tweet: You can publish images or writings or videos and share them with people present at the site, which facilitates the process of participation and consensus of ideas between people. Follow-up people: You can follow the location of friends and people who are already on the site by typing the person’s name in the search box available at the site and then pressed button-up of the person you want. Privacy Policy: Twitter preserves users’ privacy by providing privacy settings like maintaining tweets; where the user can determine who can see publications. Use Twitter to trade: Recently there are a lot of people who use the site to trade and earn a steady income through the presentation of material goods, ideas, and services on their personal accounts or special accounts for trade. Registration on the site you can register at the Social Twitter networking site through your e-mail, or through your mobile phone number, it is through the main page of the site you can choose Date disposable button, and then record the number of your own such as name and e-mail information, you can write some personal information as a place to work, study or optional as an option to make it easier to identify your friends, and you can Twitter account is disabled at any time you want. Alhasteg service Alhasteg service gave Twitter a rare feature great importance; since this service has provided the effort and time in the search for specific information, be put through this information and ideas similar to the entire site and other sites are also the service, when the use Alhasteg service you can access all the similar words on the site , which have access to all information on a particular subject easily, and you can use Alhasteg by writing a hash symbol (#) and then reassign the desired word, as follows: # hash, if Alhasteg required consists of many words are activated status signal (_) between each word as follows: # Hash_tag, after activating Alhasteg his words will be converted to blue when pressed and will be able to read all views and information on the same subject written.

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