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How do I learn to Photoshop

Photoshop program ranks of the best software used in image editing and edit digitally, the idea of ​​the program photoshop appeared for the first time in 1987 by Thomas Noll, venture out for a doctorate, and then developed with the help of his brother John to become in 1990 the most photo editing programs-selling around the world. Merging two images on Photoshop many uses software Photoshop to manipulate images and merge with each other, in order to obtain a new image dimensions, colors and different backgrounds and diverse, many of the complex methods used are available in the integration of images, but we we will describe a simple and easy easy steps for two methods of integrating ways Ways images on photoshop. Merge way eraser beginners can use this method with ease and without any complications, using the following steps: Download the two images to be merged with the program on a computer, whether they were Two photographs, or loaded with two images on the Internet. Open the two images through Photoshop. Using transportation options are moving toward a two images Other image, drag it with a mouse. Clicking on the drawing eraser in classes Fund, several options will appear, are chosen form of white box inside a black spot, and apply it to one of the two images, with the knowledge that the image that will be applied to the shape it will be the main image of the new image, while the other image will be the image the background of the image new. Merge manner catcher This method is used by those who are more experienced in working on programs Photoshop, may be difficult to use by novices at first, but it can be mastered with the experience and ongoing training. Open the two images using Photoshop, and directing a first picture about a second after you press the transportation options as described in the previous method. Clicking on the catcher switch on the Fund classes, show a new image next to the first blank white image. Pressure on the hue key, with the click of black and white color. Using the mouse, the background image is pulled from one corner to the opposite corners, so the foreground image is hazy appear on the background image. Manipulating the size of the images on Photoshop provides Photoshop the ability to manipulate the size of images, through shrink or enlarge without affecting the clarity and quality, so by pressing the picture box, and then select the image size, then we can zoom in or out of the image size by using the mouse, on the by dragging them to the outside to the inside or annexation.Is a photoshop of the most famous design programs, where many people want to have learned and to strengthen their skills by discovering Khvaya the program, and the support of the possibility of the continued development of skills through work done, and also seeking to keep abreast of developments and the search for new designs, and the work of designs similar or improved upon, Acts of Photoshop varied and many and in constant innovation, and all I see more users the more their skills using the program, and they get better at their results, and work in photoshop fun work, as the person who used waits anxiously to end his work to watch the beauty or the dazzling change wrought by an image or Design. The areas of the use of Photoshop used Photoshop in several areas, such as at the field of engineering, graphics, web, medicine, space and other, as the most prominent uses are as follows: Drawing for the production of images or graphics from scratch, to take advantage of them in the stories and textbooks and paintings. Ads, logos design, work and personal cards wedding cards, and brochures for companies. Image processing, in terms of beauty images and improved lighting and shadows, skin filter, put makeup for the face, fattening or slimming the body, making funny or sad images, and other effects and modifications that can be added to the image. Cut images and merge them so that they look real. Three-dimensional drawing to be used in architecture or others. Software design and interfaces, games, and web pages. Making medical images or satellite clearer. Learn photoshop there are many things that must be mastered to become able to use Photoshop. Photoshop skills contain many important tools, but there are some tools must have the skill to use, so that helps you learn the Photoshop and make your job better and faster it. These skills are: the skill to deal with selection tools, and navigate among them according to the specific case of the use of each of them. The skill of using the Move tool, since the use of this performance varies depending on the part that we catch him if he’s site from the end of any one of the plugs, or from the middle. The skill to deal with the special classes, called (Layers) window, one of the most important features found in the program can not work without any design, which enables us to amendment to the desired part of the design without affecting the rest of the parts. Skill slide show mode and navigate between slides within the program. Train detection mysteries tools and their uses. Steps to begin to identify the program creates a new page. How to draw shapes and recognize the border paths forms and use. Learn to draw lines and control viewing and drawing vertical equity. Identify the layers window and how to use them. Identify the different styles Styles, and how to use them. The possibility of writing scripts, formats and add them. How to add images and use, and to identify the instruments that control the image. There are many things that you need to book to explain, but you learned or discovered through use of the software.

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