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How do I do a Web page

Internet pages show the average user as just white or color pages according to the background and take the information and data needed by the user and may be supported by media Kalvedyohat, images, or shapes, graphics, animation, etc., in addition to the page contains links to take you to similar themes or important, but do you take the initiative to mind a question about the infrastructure of this page? Did you ever think to dismantle this page and access to the components? Today will answer all that may never cross your mind from the question about web pages and composition. Web page (Web Page) know the web page that it appears to the user on the computer screen when it is connected to the Internet and access to search engines (Search Engines) available to him and be a document or a supported source of information and in harmony with the ability to display on the Internet, as they are built in a manner consistent with the Internet infrastructure using programming languages ​​or the so-called design languages ​​(MarkUp Language), it is possible that you will be using a remote Web pages that can be imported via the Internet server computer. Languages ​​Web page design depends programmer (Programmer) while he was in the building and the formation of a web page on the languages ​​of special programming to design web pages, which in turn gives page all the characteristics that make them actual web page integrated specifications using som special characters and understandable to the computer works translated into understandable language for a person using Internet and the computer itself and the close show you a web page as you see in the habit, and programming languages ​​are: the language (Standard Generallzed Markup language): this language know the language of SGML an abbreviation of the English words mentioned above, the advantage of this language Ptjaoppea with any special writing a program to design pages Web flawed but what is difficult to learn and complexity which prevented their spread and thus extinction. * Language (Extensible Markup Language): abbreviated utter the name of this language in three inspired by English words constituent letters (XML), which is the most widely used language in view of extreme importance in electronic business applications, it is used normally to display and store the data and work described in an organized and easy to both the programmer and the user. * Language (Hypertext Markup Language): This is known as the language of HTML, which is the easiest language and most widespread among the languages ​​page design, as it is used and the direct construction of web pages based on a set of commands and instructions are designated and som (Tags), and that the last play a role important in the formation of page design because the user can browse the page as a Web, and enjoy this language par excellence for others to use tools to design the page as the title page and contains the tables and images, etc., and the programmer used to this language have commands or tags when you begin design on a special editing software so or so-called editor (editor), which falls below both (WordPad, NotePad, or even text-editing software (Microsoft Word), and the text must store the condition of the editor as a Web page is available to succeed in creating web pages. language (cascading style sheets) : symbolizes the language of the design of the pages are indicated by CSS, a design language capable of web pages to coordinate and pay attention to the shape of the sites and their design has been created especially to work on the separation between the formats required by the web page of the document written content using tags in HTML, and you can generalize that this language play the active role of the care in the page, and these are integrated language with HTML does have CSS document external separate document and work to connect them with an HTML document, and there are special ways a bit tricky to learn of the merger in the same document between the two languages, and the advantage of this language granting a web page recipe simplicity . Elements of the Web page Web page of supported information that appears to the user is made up, and this information serves the human senses audio and video together, are as follows: Information: divide the information that appears on the end-user screen into two types: text information (Text Information): holds this kind of information gives a property and there is a variety of differences between its contents page. About non-text: It is what it contains Web pages of information that can address the sense of hearing and sight together, namely: Photos: Supports web pages pictures of format GIF, JPEG, or PNG, until the image appears on the web page after the completion of conservation, use of formulas mentioned only the image . COMICS: the images that contain the movement and property without sleep Flash, and usually these images carry GIF format. Sound (Sound): You may notice the presence of the sound clips on web pages that you can listen to it and granted the use of it by building a page the user to process a chance to listen to her, and is usually formats WAV or MID. Video (Video): This feature serves the senses of hearing and sight together at the same time, they are used within the scope of formats: WMV, RM (Real Media), FLV, MPF, MOV. Interactive information: the information that gives the end user the opportunity to share his opinion or even to participate by choosing from a multi or participating written, is this information is the most complicated of the information listed, and divides this type of information to: texts Interactive, a text by which the interaction between the user and the web page either by clicking on the attached or participating any links that the user trace him. Interactive illustrations: includes end-user interaction with the web page of this property set touches to “Click To Play” and the like, and is used for synchronization script and Java applications and Flash. Provides buttons, ie it is inserted buttons actually working to provide a specific task when the end-user by clicking on it. Interaction between the same pages: his

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