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Way format Android

There are many people who use smart devices that run on the operating system (Android), a system that works on Acommsonj LG devices and others, like other systems Android may need to re-adjust and Faramth, may be needed for several reasons, Ktraja device performance and slow, desire scans all data and disposal of non-need, and other reasons, so we will give you in this article, two different methods for Faramth Android devices. Way formate Android There are two ways possible to their followers to Faramth Android devices, which remind them of the following: Faramth through the reset is worth noting that this process will wipe all the information on your Android, which include accounts, phone numbers, emails, photos, videos audio clips and other, so before embarking on the process of formic, prefers to do to save the data or work Backup her, be it by following these steps: Close Android device fully, whether mobile or tablet browser or other phone. Pressing the button who is raising the voice, and usually found at the top of the top, and click on the button that operates the machine, taking care that the long be pressure At the same time, and continue pressing until access to the repair mode or Ricouvre, where it is possible to require these process a few seconds. It is worth mentioning that the repair mode is similar to the case of access to the screen (BIOS) in the computer, as it offers the possibility of reformulating some files or programs through the amendment and re-programmed. There will be a set of commands on the screen, which can navigate between them using the button who is raising the voice or reduced, and it is required to choose. The selection process is by pressing the power button once, but be careful and be sure to choose the required before approval. Choose Data scanning option, and a factory reset, or (wipe data / factory reset). Pressing OK option, or (Yes), so as to erase all data on the device. Pressure on the option (wipe cache partition). Finally, the work will restart the system, which is known as (reboot system now). After that the device opens, he notices that he returned to the position when it was purchased in the first time. Faramth by calling on the icon it is worth noting that this method like its predecessor, will delete all the data on the Android device, and do, take the following steps: to save the information desirable to retain them, and through the work of a backup for them. Call the following number: (# 3855 * 2767 *), and when you do this step, the device will restart itself run more than once, it is possible that this process requires a few minutes at most. After opening the device, it will be all the information on the device has been removed completely. It is worth mentioning that some Android devices may not support this code, so you must follow the first way.Android system established by Google Inc. enjoys the highest reputation among all the operating systems that run on smart devices from phones and Tablet PCs has become, and adopt many of the companies Android system such as: Samsung, and Huawei, and more recently Nokia in some organs and now known as Microsoft. This system is easy to use as it is open source; that is, it provides an opportunity for programmers and developers as well as modifications to the software and applications easily, without having to return to the company and taking them permission As is the case with Apple. So you can work the application in the Android system must be holder of a cycle and certificates in programming Android, and this topic long explanation does not accommodate Storna to talk about how to learn programming Android; and this will give a new and easy way for you to create Android application through the use of ready programs, and enables you to the work of any application within half an hour. Modus operandi Android sites applying job Android applications this way, you can access a free online sites which use programmed and ready templates to work Android applications and use them on your site on the Internet; ie you can do a program to access the site via devices operating system Android, and you can create an e-book , but this method does not allow you to create many applications but have a limited number; because there are some limitations in the available templates, and the most important of these sites: Appsgeyser Ibuildapp Apps builder sites that allow the work of the Android application site app Inventor: this site allows any user even did not did not have any experience with the establishment of the private and putting its application in the Google Play store, just create an account on the site and will be required to have Emile Gmail, and then start using the site from your account, and you can download a program App Inventor2 Office and install it on your computer to use it as you will, and this summary for some features of the program: the program has a composition similar to parts of games; so you can choose commands to your program through these parts and fitted together. You can experience the application being established through this program on a mobile phone directly after the completion of the application work. You can choose the form of the buttons in the application, and choose the shape and colors, and everything you need in the form of design. The site allows you to learn how to create application through pictorial lessons visible. App Makr site the same way you need to register the site and begin work Android application, and then publish it directly on Google Play, and nice to this site supports the Arabic language which increases the ease of use for beginners Arabs. These customized programs for beginners, and there are programs and other sites have similar pro, but those programs need to know and familiar programming languages ​​used in the Android system.

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