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How to download YouTube without software

Electronic evolution has shaped transition remarkable in the world of the Internet and information technology, which led to the opening and the invention of many electronic Web sites, was including social networking sites, which had been extremely popular on the various parts of the world, and was the beginning of these sites is sharing how limited words and phrases, even continued modernization and development to reach the level of the exchange of multimedia files, hence the need for the invention of the sites allow Smtkhaddman chance to watch and download these media and then share it with others, and the best example of these sites is YouTube website. YouTube can be defined this site as a free web page, allowing all users to raise the visual video files with multiple formats and watch them directly or after you download it from the site, using Adobe Flash technology, which you view the animation, while providing an opportunity to comment on it and admire it, and come back history of the emergence of this site to the month of February of 2005, where he Bapetkarh Chad Hurley winning a degree in design from the University of Indiana, and Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, who studied computer science at the University of Illinois, all of whom were former employees of the company, “PayPal”. How to download YouTube without programs has become possible to download multiple of YouTube video clips without the need to install on your computer or cell phone, where it is so simple and very fast way of various programs is the following: Open the YouTube page, and then move on to the video clip you want suppository. When you open your video site, go to the video apparent link in the top of the page and we delete the clip (.WWW) from the link, and then type a literal (ss) in the same place of the deleted section of the link, and then will transfer to the download page and download section. Do by choosing the appropriate section format by pressing on them. Start to download video directly and quickly through the browser user. YouTube features characterized this site easy to use, in addition to the few material cost for subscription at this site. YouTube is a way to connect with other people, through the dissemination of information and scientific knowledge. Facilitates raising videos by different users of the site, in addition to the ability to share these videos on many different social networking site like Facebook. This site works on display videos with high quality using Adobe Flash software. The new law, which told him the site for new users, which includes the inability to raise the video that exceed a duration of ten minutes clips, so as to prevent people from publishing sections of unauthorized such as films, while veteran users remained able to raise the long-form videos time to the site and remained under the application of the law the old. YouTube provides copyright feature, which prevents users from raising any video that has rights to publish reserved without taking the permission of the site owner. This site is prohibited to publish pornographic passages or suspicious and abusive to some of the characters. This Web site is a way to make money and make a profit, and through the promotion and advertising of many movies and programs. Defects YouTube became anyone can raise the video who wants to publish it on this site. The use YouTube to publish many of the indecent and ethics sections. This site has led to violations of the privacy of some individuals Kalahari.Designed YouTube-mail to allow users to watch video clips, and worked to facilitate the process of downloading, posting, and save these videos on computers and portable devices smart to watch them when the user wants, without the need for an Internet connection, and there are many special tools and programs that help to download videos directly from YouTube Snbhe you through this article. Download videos from YouTube can download video clips on the computer and on smart devices as follows: Download the video on a computer go to the YouTube page containing the video you want to upload, and then press the keys Ctrl + L on the keyboard after having misled the address bar, then press the keys Ctrl + C to copy the address of the page. Having copied page paste it into the text field by clicking inside it and click on Ctrl + V, then Enter, and be defined by Download Vedio field, if this process has the form shown above a new window to preview the video and the options you want will appear, then press the green button labeled Download any load. After downloading the file will be available in your download folder on the computer. If you save the video FLV file you will need to be a special program for you open the file on your computer. Download video on smart devices you can use to download YouTube Android and computer hardware sites, but they do not work with the iOS devices, because it can not save the video clips on them. Open the page again the video clip you want to upload through the computer, or the application of disposable YouTube program on Android devices. Open another window and select any of the vernacular sites to download video, such as; copy the video you want to address, and then copy it to download the software you window box choice, but if you use your smartphone to download the press to participate Share button and then on the copy button link copy link. When you click on the word Download download, will open a new page, click on the options you want for the video, if you use Vediograbby the program will start automatically download the video without any other open windows of the highest and the best available to download specifications. To download only the audio of the video click on the MP3 option available in the options box before being loading process. Of the most famous and easier applications that facilitate the process of downloading video clips free of charge and without the need for any other software is an application called Balteob Might Tube mate, which is the application carries on smartphones offers users to access and download video clips and save them immediately on the device, and watch them later without having to the Internet.

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