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Get rid of the ads in Android

Many people prefer the acquisition of smart devices operate run Android system, because of its features make it easy to use and preferring in most segments of society, as it is an open source system, which allows developers to design and programming of various applications with the utmost comfort compared to other operating systems that run on other types of smart phones. There are a lot of those offended by the multitude of ads that appear in Android applications, especially free ones, some of which the bottom of the screen or the top shows and some are even application stops, and cover the entire screen to display the announcement, which increases consumer resentment for these devices and make it seeks to find free him Solutions ones to benefit and enjoy the applications that use it. Solution declarations problem in Android to get rid of these ads that pose a nuisance by the use of applications in devices operating system Android, reside on the network are several methods that may be incorrect or may just be ads for other applications, but we will review here are some proven ways to get rid of these annoying ads : there is a site called F-Droid, which offers two applications are the best to get rid of unwanted advertisements, and before you download one of these apps, you must have root powers or what is known Balrot root, exist on the network the way to get it, then admitted to the site mentioned and proved its application, and then look for a practical AdAway and AdBlock Plus, and Thbthma and Volhma together, and the ads will disappear directly from your device. There is another name NoRoot AdRemover Lite application, which is exceptionally available in Google Play, “a Google Android store,” as the Google Play does not usually permit allowing applications to ban the ads, as indicated by its name, it does not require the powers of the root Root, when you ran this application it prevents Internet connection, and thus prevents the appearance of advertisements during the use of the applications, this application can block ads in more than 100,000 game and application. Application Xposed: a free application completely, but it needs to be watered, like the first application, and through this application you can improve many things on your smartphone, where there is a so-called units “Modules”, and are fitted to modify the specifications of the device, and what concerns us in our article this is unity so-called MinMinGuard, and this unit is able to prohibit all applications ads, as well as removal of the vacuum created by the ad removal, and this is what distinguishes unlike other applications, carried this application and wait until it is installed and when you are running directly will begin activating remove annoying ads service your working system Android.It is a malicious software, descend on your computer without your desire, or even knowledge, so claiming it software to help with the browser, or the many other ways, including: 1. download a file from a suspicious site: it has cost you so much, where it claims the site you need to download certain tool to help you surf the site a better way, and Dilk only a spy file is not. 2. open a message from an e-Altrona strange: who shall as soon as you open this letter download spyware file (patch) on your device and be breached and control over it. 3-attendant software: Come this often associated with some of the games or the famous and popular programs, where during the by downloading this game, for example, asks you to download a specific file, and you do your part press (OK) and you do not know. And a lot of other ways … but how you will know that you are infected with spyware file? 1. When you see the ads here and there on your device, and even if they were not connected to the Internet .. 2. slow and weak in the performance of your device, and frequent commentary and Chnjh. 3. The emergence of new toolbars to your browser so that you can delete it never lattes. 4. Change your home page in your browser. And transferring it to other pages you do not want them. How to preserve and protect yourself from the incidence of these harmful malware? 1. When installing any program you want, but do not carry it from reliable and official sites, and not through the forums or Facebook or suspicious links. 2. During the program you have installed a good note and you press the (OK) or (Well) you may be asked to allow spy download a file and you do your part agrees. 3. Install and download updates regularly to your device and prefer to use anti-spyware programs and update Qaaadh Banadtha periodically and regularly. 4. Use a firewall (Fire Wall) for the best protection for your device. 5. then complete and thorough scans of your entire through-fighting virus software updated and so you have all the time and period. But if we were received and how these files Nhzvha? 1. Close the suspicious applications that do not want to run through the (task management) or (Task manager) 2- Close and disable programs that start with the machine is started immediately without desire, and you do not need them. 3. Delete the Registry files in your device (via the following methods). Method is as follows: 1. We go to the menu (Start) or (Start). 2. choose (run) or (Run). 3. write the following command (regedit). 4. pull the (format) in the top bar. 5. We choose (search). 6. We write the word (klg). 7. If we find any files in blue. We immediately deleted one by one. 8. We found the name of a folder (bifrost), delete it immediately because spy file. The other way is as follows: (1) apply the same previous steps from 1 to 5 2. We write the word in the sixth step (nck). 3. Blue delete files, if any. Another way is also as follows: 1. We go to disk C. 2. enter into the folder (program files x86). 3. look inside for the word (bifrost). 4. If you find something as a result of matching search for this name immediately delete it, and this means that your computer hacker, and this is the patch that connects your information to the hacker breached for your device. Another way: 1. go to the menu (Start) or (Start). 2. choose (run) or (Run). 3. write the following command (regedit). 4. pull the buttons ctrl + f. 5. We write the following words (the hacker and penetration programs). (Poison). If you find any thing immediately delete it (right-click and then delete). Then apply the same steps, but are now looking for (bifrost). If we found anything too Nhzvh immediately. And we also have the same operation (plg). Then delete and then look for the word (netstat) the same way. And wiping phenomenon as well as all our files (if appeared), but did not show anything that means your device properly. Another method is as follows: (1) go to Menu (Start) or (Start). 2. choose (operating) or (Run). 3. We write the following command (cmd). 4. show us a black screen (stomping) screen, Venketb inside the following command (dir patch). 5. appeared to have a message in this form Volume In Drive Volume Serial Number Is Directory Of File Not Found If you see this message, do not worry, because it means that your computer clean and healthy 100%. But if you see a Patch This is a way to delete 1. follow steps 1 through 3 in the previous method. 2. We write the following command (C: \ windows \ delete patch) and pressing Enter. In the end, you are master of yourself, and your device is your kingdom, Vhafez it, and keep it clean aphid. And deal with everything that exists on the Internet with caution and intelligent. And do not be confident with all what you see in the forums or suspicious websites, and does not deal only with trusted sites ..

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