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The work of a professional Android application

Many of us have accounts on a blog or an account on Facebook, and through it we can manufacture any professional application on Apple’s mobile operating system IOS or Android phones, without having to learn programming languages, or resorting to specialists in this area; it just enough to follow Snscherhaa points to create a professional application on the App store store, or the Google Play store. Steps work of professional Android application to get into our browser, we write in the search box the following location: name. We open the site, then put pressure on the Create My App is. Go to a new page entitled the following address: Create Mobile App In 3 Easy Steps, and then follow the steps as follows: write in the first column the application you would like created the name, and then move the second step, where we link the application on our account in Facebook, or blog that we have, then agree on a link by clicking on the word OK OK. Wait a little until the download page of our product, or the type of application that we would like to promote it, and then put pressure on the word Next, and wait a little until the site poses us tools for industry application, and heading us to the new page. Show us a new page, and make sure that it was setting up a special account for us on this site, as soon as we’ve linked our account with Facebook. Put pressure on the start command, where the site begins to download applications in front of us we can easily add the new application, the application you want him Vendev, then push the word Save. Go to the bottom of the page, we find the word Done Editor, pressing them; to embark steps amendment to our application in the following way: go for the first icon entitled word About us, and requests this page some personal information to our mail, such as letters, accounts related to it, as a link our account on Twitter or Instagram, or others, are also required some keywords, which is considered as an identifier on our application, we can write any name, or skip this step. We turn to the second icon labeled Map, through this page must identify our geographical position accurately, so that it appears on the map. Go to the third icon, which is followed by the word entitled News, this icon threads which we bring on our blog, or our account on Facebook from appearing within this application appears. Appear in the fourth icon Photo, images that we carry on our account on Facebook, which is automatically added to the application, as we tied to our account on Instagram too, and add our user name on Instagram account. We hold the fifth icon from the videos of our own, and can be linked to our account Bmdontna on YouTube as well, to show up simply on the application. We move on to the last icon, and we find out our own page on Facebook, and that we have linking them with the application, and appears to have full powers in the access to the application, and publishing work without prior permissions. We are writing to the address that will appear in the application with a Web site, e-mail, and phone number for us, with a personal address, description of the application, and the aim of its establishment, and put pressure on the Done command. Choose the design of the application, or the form it will appear, and choose one of the options offered by our website, and through him we can change the color, font, and background as suits us. Define the application’s language, and content that he will present, where we can choose any language we seek, including Arabic. Also define the icon that will appear in the Google application store, as we choose the page will appear on the Android smart phones. We keep after the application to make sure we collected the previous steps correctly, by clicking on Save, and then it Done, and thus we have become a professional application on the Android mobile system.Android system is one of the more systems commonly used in the world and that you do in mobile phones, browsers, tablets, and other, due to their ease of use, and the beauty of its design, and the presence of many private and useful applications for users, but in spite of all the positives that you own these devices, but it is after period of time, notes that its battery no longer serve a long time, may be the reason usually is the misuse, so we will give you in this article is a set of tips to conserve battery life for a longer period. Increase the battery life of Android use applications where that will preserve battery life for a longer period, referred to as it is possible to download it from your devices running on the Android system Store, as there are many applications that are used for this purpose, which depend on the provision of many conditions that would reduce the CPU’s performance, in addition to the management on the machine running programs, not to mention reducing the energy expended, lighting consumed in the device. Time lock screen should make sure that the time that the Android lock screen is where when not in use, which would optimization of battery life, and have it by going to the settings option, then choose “Lighting and display” In the end, the pressure on “hibernation” option, where the list will show the number of minutes you are waiting before the closure of the screen, ranging from 15 seconds to 10 minutes, preferably choose the least time. Close unused applications leads to open more than one application on the device at the same time to degrade and reduce the battery life, so you should close all open programs in the background of the screen. Disable synchronization property must be done to close the synchronization feature on the device, which is used by many applications such as e-mail application, instant messaging applications, such as fiber, Alwats August, and others, and this would reduce the battery life. Disable Internet service online is one of the services that consume more battery power, so if there is not any reason to use the Internet trustee, disable it, and referred to it is also necessary to disable the Bluetooth service. Turn off some of the other services there are a range of services that will reduce the battery time, and examples of them, vibration mode that accompanies the phone ring, in addition to sound alerts and others. Charge the device properly preferably be shipped devices on the Android system, which is closed or operated the flight mode, so as to conserve battery even more, taking care to stay away from the charging device operation by using a computer.

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